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Ronald Bergan
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From Woody Allen to Roberto Rossellini, from Schindlers List to Goldfinger - everything you ever wanted to know about film but were afraid to askA comprehensive, fun to browse, and easy-to-use guide to everything you need to know about movies and the people behind them. For the cinema-literate enthusiast and the popcorn-popping film-goer alike.Join us behind the camera to find out how films are made and who makes them from the greatest animators, to the most talented set designers.Explore different genres and movie styles from westerns, musicals and sci-fi, to cult movies and documentaries. Take a trip from Hollywood to Bollywood and we'll show you what makes different world cinema styles unique.We'll give you the low-down on the best films to watch and reveal the ones they've influenced. Plus, you can check out the 100 must-see movies of all time.

Editora Dorling Kindersley
ISBN-13 9781405312806
ISBN 1405312807
Edição 1 / 2006
Idioma Inglês
Páginas 512
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