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Otto Borchert
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"The man who invented it would be more astonished than its hero." The author quotes these words from Rousseau as an indication of his purpose, which is to make credible the portrait of Jesus as it is presented to us in the Gospels. In this classic work Borchert presents a living portrait of Jesus as found in the Gospels, eloquently countering the criticism and scepticism surrounding his life. Both Jesus' critics and those who testify to the beauty of Jesus' life agree on his uniqueness, for he defies all the categories of humanity. Borchert considers Jesus' relationship with God, mankind, the natural world and the miracles and examines the reactions to the person of Jesus throughout history. To see Jesus as the Gospels portray him is to be confronted with the challenge to accept him as the human manifestation of the Father: "We cannot make any mistake about God after we have known Jesus."

Editora James Clarke Company
ISBN-13 9780227172308
ISBN 0227172302
Edição 0 / 2004
Idioma Português
Páginas 478
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