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J. Stanley Warford
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Computer Systems, Third Edition offers a clear, detailed, step-by-step introduction to the central concepts in computer organization, assembly language, and computer architecture. It invites students to explore the many dimensions of computer systems through a top-down approach to levels of abstraction. By examining how the different levels of abstraction relate to one another, the text helps students look at computer systems and their components as a unified concept. The book is based on the new Pep/8 virtual computer, which is designed to teach the basics of the classic von Neumann machine. Throughout, computer science concepts are emphasized to achieve breadth of coverage and encourage students to think about the underlying theme of computer science. Computer Systems, Third Edition covers all of the core topics in the Architecture and Organization category of the ACM-IEEE Curriculum 2001 Guidelines for Computer Science.

Editora Jones & bartlett pub
ISBN-13 9780763732394
ISBN 0763732397
Edição 3 / 2005
Idioma Inglês
Páginas 608
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