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Joan Vos Macdonald
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With the percentage of overweight adults and children fast reaching epidemic proportions, companies, schools, retailers, and homeowners across the country are taking more aggressive measures to get an increasingly obese society to move more and eat less. Beyond putting gyms in office buildings or teaching children (or adults) the virtues of broccoli, the new modus operandi requires more movement during the day that is intrinsic to the workplace, school, or home. With over 100 illustrations, High Fit Home explains the concepts and designs behind this innovation in fitness architecture, and extends these concepts beyond work and public spaces and into the home. is the first book to catalogue the litany of considerations that have gone into health-making decisions first initiated on the corporate and public level and now being utilized by homeowners to create environments that are physically healthy by virtue of architecture. In this unique volume, all of the elements and strategies that go into creating healthy design, including the conceptualization, development, and initiation of various schemes, are explored in detail. Chapters focus on what features and elements need to be considered (elevators, stairs, and walking) in creating the high fit home and outline all of the ambient issues—element by element—that go into health-conscious design. Floor plans also provide additional detail on which layout solutions best promote physical fitness. Presenting a first look at this emerging subject, nineteen fully illustrated case studies explore a variety of home fitness design solutions. An exhaustive resources section provides the most up-to-date references for practitioners and products related to fitness architecture and design. Covering the entire wealth of unpublished material on this subject and drawing from the files of some of today’s most important architects and architectural photographers, is a uniquely comprehensive book for anyone interested in exploring the concept of promoting good health through architecture.
Editora Harper design
ISBN-13 0060751614
ISBN 9780060751616
Edição 1 / 2005
Idioma Inglês
Páginas 159
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