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Taschen (ed. ).
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One name in the history of 20th century art stands out over all others: Pablo Picasso. Whether as painter, graphic artist or sculptor, he displayed an inventive enterprise and innovative bravado that always kept him one step ahead of his contemporaries. As one of them, the painter Max Ernst, ruefully put it "No one can touch Picasso. He is genius incarnate." Picasso was born in Malaga, Spain, and encouraged in his talent from an early age. His father, himself a painter, nurtured his son´s gift, ensuring he had brushes and palette to hand. By the time he was twelve, young Pablo was on his way. And in the course of along and fulfilled life, which was not without its setbacks but was free of financial worries, he established a plausible claim to be seen as the presiding genius of the century. The works selected here covers Picasso´s entire output, from the less familiar to key masterpieces such as ´Guernica´, from the Blue and Rose Periods early in his career through his cubist and classicist phases and the formal experiments of the Thirties to his later involvement with politics in art.

Editora Taschen
ISBN-13 9783822831618
ISBN 3822831611
Edição 1 / 2004
Idioma Alemão
Páginas 32
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