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Mehmet Murat Somer
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Translated from Turkish, this intriguing first novel is set almost entirely within the transvestite community of modern-day Istanbul. Our unnamed protagonist, a leading member of her community, owner of a nightclub, and a computer-security specialist, becomes concerned about the safety of her girls when they start dying seemingly accidental deaths. It is only when she makes the connection between the girls’ original male names (all prophets) and the manner of their deaths (also biblical) that she concludes a transvestite serial killer is on the loose. The police are skeptical but do eventually help out, sharing information from their investigations, but the narrator learns more using her Internet connections and natural flair for investigation. The engaging story moves along quickly and smoothly, leading to an exciting (and dangerous) climax in which the killer is confronted. Recommended for larger mystery collections and for all GLBTQ collections (for its in-depth view of life in a transvestite community).

Editora Fish Books
ISBN-13 9781846686337
ISBN 1846686334
Edição 1 / 2008
Idioma Inglês
Páginas 242
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