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Eric Ambler
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Um coronel iraquiano que vivia num clima de terror, uma bela chantagista num biquíni e um jornalista neurótico com tendências...An Iraqi colonel living in terror of his life, a blackmailing beauty in a bikini and a neurotic, suicidal, newspaperman are suddenly plunged into the murky, furtive world of Eric Ambler. |...| A Kind of Anger, which expertly combines a satire of paparazzi-driven media culture with a classic espionage tale filled with breathless suspense: '(...) Six weeks ago, Lucia Bernardi fled the Swiss villa where her lover was murdered—and then she vanished. No one can find her: Not the police, who want her for murder; not the tabloids, who want her for her story; nor the real killers, who desperately want the papers she spirited away from the scene of the crime. Disgraced reporter Piet Maas stumbles upon Lucia, in hiding in the south of France. There he must decide whether to publish her story—reviving his career but guaranteeing her death—or to join in her perilous extortion scheme, and risk both their lives for the promise of profit'.====https://www.fantasticfiction.com/a/eric-ambler/https://pt.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eric_Amblerhttps://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eric_Amblerhttps://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_Kind_of_Anger"(....) Like its predecessor The Light of Day [a.k.a.] "Topkapi", A Kind of Anger is a comedy-thriller, humorous in tone and with a happy ending. (...) Although comic in overall intention, the plot of the novel is rooted in historical and political realities, namely the troubled history of the Kurds. This is explained at some length in the novel, from the post-Great War Treaty of Sèvres onwards. Mention is also made of the 1958 coup which overthrew the monarchy to create the republic of Iraq. Situating the plot in this political context gives the novel a sense of urgency and reality.====ERIC AMBLER (1909-1998) is widely regarded as the greatest writer of suspense stories in the English language, and as the inventor of the modern political thriller. "The Dark Frontier"-- His first novel was published in 1936 and he rapidly established a reputation as a thriller writer of extraordinary depth and originality. Ambler was described by John Le Carre as 'the source on which we all draw'. He was also an Oscar-nominated Hollywood scriptwriter.

Editora Nova Fronteira
ISBN-13 9780006166597
ISBN 0006166598
Edição 1 / 1964
Idioma Inglês
Páginas 327
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