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Discover the answers to more than 200 of the most jaw-dropping questions about the human body. Ever wondered what's happening inside your body right now? Young readers will love learning the answers to all their sensational and squeamish questions about what makes us human in this children's biology book. Perfect for children aged 6-9. Inside the pages of this mind-boggling book, you'll discover: - Five chapters covering body basics, parts of the body, how the body works, being healthy, and medical marvels - Question and answer format that makes topics easily digestible and intriguing - 'Quick quiz' boxes that allow young readers to test their knowledge of the human body - Fun facts and detailed illustrations covering a large range of both common and bizarre biology topics This human body encyclopedia for kids is packed with captivating facts for curious minds! What are bones made of? Why does sugar taste sweet? Why do our ears pop? Page after page, kids will uncover incredible answers to all the questions they've ever had about their body, and some they haven't even thought of! Why is Blood Red? cleverly combines charming illustrations with clear, jargon-free language, making it easy for kids to get to grips with the gigantic topic that is human biology. It's the ultimate children's encyclopedia for budding scientists who are fascinated by how our bodies work! Complete the Series: There's so much more to discover! Explore the science behind what makes the world spin with over 200 questions about our own planet in Why Does the Earth Need the Moon? Learn brilliant answers to baffling questions about science, space, history, earth and nature in Why? Encyclopedia.

Editora Dk
ISBN-13 9780241461419
ISBN 0241461413
Edição 1 / 2021
Idioma Português
Páginas 144
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